The Geelong Wheelchair Clinic

Seating – Wheelchairs, Comfy Chairs, Commodes and Scooters

The Geelong Wheelchair Clinic was developed as a service to help people with two issues:

  • prescribing a new seating solution
  • assessment and modification of your current seating solution.

At the Geelong Wheelchair Clinic we assist with all types of seating and positioning including:

  • manual wheelchairs
  • powered wheelchairs
  • scooters
  • commodes
  • bedding, pressure mattresses and night time positioning supports
  • Day chairs including recliner chairs

No one needs to be uncomfortable or in pain when sitting in their wheelchair, scooter, recliner chair or commode. Having the correct seating and positioning is so important for:

  • maintaining comfort
  • promoting independence in your home or community environment
  • preventing further health concerns such as pressure injuries, long term postural changes or contractures

The XSensor Pressure Mapping System

At The Geelong Wheelchair Clinic we have the expert skills and equipment to assist you. We are so excited to have purchased an Xsensor Pressure Mapping System to help find the best solution to you.

The XSensor pressure mapping system is a portable pressure mapping system used to provide pleasure images of the pressure distribution between a person and their support surface such as a wheelchair seat, backrest, commode, bed or mattress.

We then use the objective data to:

  • determine the right support surface such as cushion, mattress or backrest
  • educate the person or carers about importance of pressure relief
  • provide clinical justification for funding applications

We are one of the few private providers to have this technology in Australia, and welcome referrals from all over Victoria. Appointments can be completed in the wheelchair clinic or the home environment.

Our approach is a client / environment / occupation. We consider the interaction between these three elements when assessing and recommending complex equipment.

How we can help and what we do:

  • Holistic assessment of daily activities, routine and mobility
  • Identify goals, priorities and barriers
  • Assessment of the persons postural needs
  • Objective assessment of pressure care needs using the Xsensor Pressure Mapping Device
  • Collaborate with the multidisciplinary team
  • Equipment recommendations and trials based on goals
  • Provide clinical justification for funding
  • Fitting and customising equipment to meet individual needs. Considering future needs and how equipment may need to be modified in the future
  • Training clients, caregivers and family
  • Measuring outcomes related to the person, environment and occupations

At the Geelong Wheelchair Clinic we stay abreast of technical advances in seating solutions ensuring we are using the latest technology to find the best solution for you.

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