Functional Assessments in Geelong & Surrounds

Being able to complete activities in your home and in the community – Functional Assessments

After an injury or illness you may experience some difficulty completing activities of daily living at home or in the community. We can break these daily living skills into different categories:

  • self care: these are skills required for looking after yourself such as showering, dressing, going to the toilet and eating and drinking
  • cooking and household activities such as cooking, cleaning or doing the laundry
  • community activities including shopping, managing your money, getting around in the community
  • mobility and falls
  • getting back to work or remaining in work

Having the confidence to manage these tasks safely can impact on your self confidence and dignity.

The aim of occupational therapy is to assist people challenged with every day's tasks and help you find a way to complete them.

How we can help:

The aim of occupational therapy is to assist people challenged with every day’s tasks and help you find a way to complete them. This may include:

  • retraining the way you complete the task yourself
  • training a carer or family member to assist
  • using adaptive equipment to make it easier to complete the task

Some of the common reasons people seek the help of an occupational therapist include:

  • reducing the risk of falls
  • coping with difficulties in standing or maintaining posture for a sufficient length of time. For example standing whilst cooking a meal
  • learning new personal care skills after a brain, spinal or traumatic injury
  • learning new techniques as a progressive condition progresses
  • adapting the environment or prescription of equipment to make it easier and safer to complete the skill
  • learning to use public transport to get out and about in the community
  • returning to work following a brain, spinal or traumatic injury

An occupational therapy assessment can be useful to identify your strengths and limitations and narrow down the exact problems that you are facing so we can work together to find the best possible solution in building your capacity in completing these skills.

Some funding bodies require a functional assessment to help determine the support, carers and equipment required when transitioning out of hospital, when diagnosed with a new condition, moving home.

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