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Equipment Assessment & Prescribing in Geelong & Surrounds

Equipment Assessment and Prescription

Equipment, also called assistive technology can assist you to be healthy, safe and independent. Equipment can reduce the need for carers, to help you maintain your dignity and self confidence.

Who uses equipment:

  • a person with a new or existing condition such as stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, brain injury, progressive condition or traumatic condition
  • a person whose functioning is deconditioning due to age
  • someone that has difficulty communicating
  • someone that has difficulty remembering day to day information

How OT’s can help?

Our experienced occupational therapists have an extensive knowledge of equipment solutions available. These may be simple, low tech options or complex, high tech solutions.

We will always complete an assessment to determine your goals and then identify which item of equipment best suits your needs taking into consideration your home or community environment and supports. It’s important to complete an equipment trial to ensure the solution works for you.

We have great relationships with equipment providers not only in Geelong but across Australia and Internationally. We commit to finding the best solution for you and will search until we find it.

Examples of equipment include:

  • self care equipment: commodes, adjustable beds, over toilet frames
  • environmental controls to help access your home environment
  • wheelchairs, scooters and seating solutions such as recliner chairs
  • postural supports to enable correct positioning in bed or in a chair
  • tablets or devices and mounting to assist with communication and interaction with the environment and others
  • items to assist with eating such as self levelling spoon or adapted cutlery

We complete funding applications.

Once the equipment is delivered and set up we ensure that we complete training to ensure you and your supports are confident in using the equipment.

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