At Geelong and Surrounds OT we are always on the lookout for new team members to join our team.

Why you will love working at GSOT?

  • You will be part of a fun, highly motivated, supportive and innovative team. We understand the challenges with learning when working in a community environment. We look after each other and work together to help solve those tricky issues. We have an informal communication system and also have weekly team mentoring sessions so we are always learning and developing our skills.
  • We have a supportive administration team that are proactive ensuring you get to spend more time doing the fun clinical work you love
  • You will use the latest rehabilitation technology to help our clients achieve their goals
  • Your contribution to the team is acknowledged with above awards rates and part of our rewards system for contributing to the development of the business.
  • You have the opportunity to see clients in their home or clinic environment. This means that you work in the best suited environment to achieve their goals
  • Your career progression is supported. We will discuss your personal and career goals and work together to achieve these goals. These goals may be leadership goals, research, study or clinical specialisation.

We provide a fun, supportive and motivating team environment at Geelong & Surrounds Occupational Therapy.

Our Support Network:

We provide a fun, supportive and motivating team environment. This is demonstrated through the following initiatives:

Team meetings every six weeks

Team culture is a high priority. Your contribution to business and service development is always welcomed. We meet as a team every six weeks to brainstorm business opportunities, discuss any important issues and celebrate our wins. Everybody comes from different backgrounds and have worked in different roles in their careers so it’s a great opportunity to discuss what we can do better to provide the best team culture and client experience.

GSOT team meetings
Individual mentoring

Therapists meet with their clinical mentor weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Frequency is determined by level of experience and goals. Within mentoring sessions we will check in on your health and wellbeing and your career goals. We celebrate great moments and will discuss your clinical goal and problem solve any clinical questions together.
Shadowing other team members and joint sessions with your mentor and other team members is encouraged to help develop your clinical skills.

Weekly group mentoring sessions

Each week you have the opportunity to meet with your team to complete group mentoring. This is facilitated by your team members. Within these sessions we develop our skills and problem solve those tricky client questions.

Informal mentoring

We have a team messaging app that we use to share clinical resources, professional development, communicate key information and work as a team to support each other between formal mentoring sessions. This is important as working in the community can have its challenges not having your team members sitting at the desk next to you.
The clinic space is a great way to observe your team members treating other clients in the same gym as you to help problem solve and develop your clinical skills.

Mastery Partners

We are all always learning and we encourage professional development. We have great relationships with other external providers and leaders with the neurological and trauma field and invite these people to present at our group mentoring sessions. This encourages us to stay up to date with the latest technologies and therapy approaches.

Induction Program

When you commence your role with GSOT you will be presented with our 0-100 GSOT Induction Checklist. Within this document you will see exactly what you need to do in your first 100 days. Together we complete every action point on the checklist supporting you every step of the way.

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