We Collaborate

We put the person first
We are holistic
We work as a team
We connect with our community

We Care

We make things personal by being genuine
We are friendly and positive
We always do what we say we do
We act with integrity
We communicate in clear, concise and honest ways
We are committed to finding the right solution

Make an Impact

We create memorable moments
We are committed to you and each other
We work with you to achieve your goals
We celebrate wins
We are passionate about growth and learning

Rethink the Square

We are creative and innovative
We inspire others to think outside the box
We search for better ways to help
We are world class
We invest in technology

Looking to make a referral?

Geelong & Surrounds Occupational Therapy operates fully out of the Geelong Nuero Centre. To make a referral or get in touch, please contact the Geelong Neuro Centre.