Our Clinic Offers World-Leading Equipment & Technology

Our clinic operates out of the Geelong Neuro Centre, a multidisciplinary neurological rehabilitation facility where our clients can utilise a range of services. 

Visit the Geelong Neuro Centre below or learn more about our advanced technologies & equipment used in our services below.

InterX Therapy

InterX is a non-invasive neurostimulation treatment modality. Our therapists are internationally trained and we are very excited to be the first clinic to bring this Geelong.

InterX therapy uses non-invasive electrical stimulation to communicate with the central nervous system to treat acute and chronic pain, reduce inflammation and provide soft tissue release to increase range of motion with the goal to return to functional activities. It can be used for acute, chronic and hypersensitive pain with the goal of long term relief.

It is a battery powered handheld device which delivers a pulsing current. It is pain free and highly successful in providing immediate pain relief and increase in range of motion. It is best used in combination with other therapy techniques.

Our neurological clients present with pain for many reasons for example:

  • Chronic pain such as shoulder pain from pushing manual wheelchair or from poor posture when sitting in a wheelchair
  • Acute pain from overreaching to the overhead cupboards
  • Hypersensitive or neurological pain from a spinal cord injury, stroke or ABI, fibromyalgia
  • Muscle tightness, spasticity and pain associated with reduced ability to use their arm from a stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury or trauma.
  • Phantom limb pain following amputation

Why might you try InterX therapy?

  • You have pain and nothing else has worked to relieve the pain such as medications or injections
  • Reduce reliance on pain medications
  • Increased range of motion
  • Long term pain that interferes with everyday activities and sleep

InterX is FDA cleared for pain relief and pain management.

XSensor Pressure Mapping System

Pressure mapping is an excellent tool for analysis of pressure in relation to your current seating or bedding system. The correct setup of equipment along with visual evidence assists with the prevention of skin breakdown and ensures selection of the most effective equipment and equipment setup solution to protect skin integrity.

Our X-Sensor system is the best pressure mapping system in relation to resolution, accuracy, repeatability, durability and safety. It’s a portable system that can be used at home or clinic setting.

How do we use the Xsensor pressure mapping system?

  • Evaluation of current seating systems following complaints of discomfort, pain or pressure areas
  • To guide selection of new assistive technology including pressure cushions, wheelchair backrests, recliner chairs, commodes or bedding
  • To ensure optimal pressure care when setting up seating systems and adjusting setup
  • Provide objective evidence when completing funding applications
  • To provide client or carer information

Saebo (SaeboFlex, SaeboStretch, SaeboReach)

We have invested in a full Saebo Kit. Saebo is a device designed to treat neurological clients with limited hand function. Saebo’s functional dynamic orthoses are specifically designed for those with a neurological injury impacting their arm such as stroke, head injury and incomplete spinal cord injury or cerebral palsy.

Benefits include:

  • maintains arm and hand in a functional position
  • assists with thumb and finger extension for grasp and release
  • dynamic elbow extension to facilitate functional reaching
  • allows for repetitive task-oriented arm retraining, recommended by evidence based research
  • SaeboStretch: A dynamic splint containing three interchangeable spring loaded plates to help minimise soft tissue shortening, joint deformity and contractures caused by spasticity.

SaeboFlex: a dynamic, custom fabricated wrist hand and finger orthosis that uses a spring loaded finger extension system. Used to reduce spasticity, enhance motor recovery and promote functional use of the upper limb

SaeboReach: dynamic above elbow component that assists with elbow extension so functional reaching is possible

This allows us to treat all clients no matter what the deficit such as impaired hand function, decreased sensation, spasticity and contracture, subluxation and weakness.

Able X

The AbleX is a computer based therapy device that is used to play games using handheld controllers to provide physical and cognitive stimulation to facilitate neurological recovery. It is a portable device that can be used within the home or clinic to help those with other impairments caused by brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, progression neurological conditions or cerebral palsy.

We can administer and personalise therapy using the cloud based system without needing to be face to face, particularly helpful if you live in a remote area.

Looking to make a referral?

Geelong & Surrounds Occupational Therapy operates fully out of the Geelong Nuero Centre. To make a referral or get in touch, please contact the Geelong Neuro Centre.