Our Practice

We are a family owned Geelong based occupational therapy service established in 2015, with a team of experienced occupational therapists specialsing in neurological and acquired brain injury rehabilitation. We are committed to assisting your rehabilitation, complex equipment and home modification needs.

We understand that a neurological or traumatic condition can be life changing. We provide client-directed, goal focused, holistic therapy – whether it’s in our clinic, at your home or in a community environment such as your workplace. It’s all based on what you are hoping to achieve. For some, it may be helping people transition home from hospital, modify their house, source appropriate equipment to maximise independence. For others it may be retraining someone to use their arm again, establishing a daily routine, providing strategies with memory and thinking or managing pain caused by their condition.

We invest heavily in world leading equipment and technology to ensure optimal outcomes for our clients. GSOT operates out of the Geelong Neuro Centre, a multidisciplinary neurological rehabilitation facility that hosts a range of services our clients can utilise.

We are registered with the NDIS, TAC, Workcover and Medicare.

Our approach

We provide relevant, timely, goal directed therapy.

We understand that changes can be made if you are 1 week post injury or 20 years post injury. We acknowledge that there is always a solution or an option to trial no matter how many options have been trialled before. We love to think outside the square and believe that trying something is better than not trying anything at all.

We work collaboratively with your multidisciplinary team, carers and family members to ensure we are all working towards your goals. This includes regular communication and joint sessions.

Looking to make a referral?

Geelong & Surrounds Occupational Therapy operates fully out of the Geelong Nuero Centre. To make a referral or get in touch, please contact the Geelong Neuro Centre.